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At Pimentel Customs Brokerage we are committed to providing the top-level of Customs Brokerage solution to our client. Driven to work with efficiency and efficacy, we integrate our well-versed workforce with the most advanced information technology available to ensure that an outstanding and service-oriented experience is delivered.

Customs requisite document for import and export

To ensure that you are fully compliant with Customs’ import and export regulatory requirements, we help in preparing and assessing documents prior to their submission.

Declarations of Customs duties and taxes preparations

Upholding our good track record of good practices, we guarantee proper administration for all Customs declarations processed on your behalf. Duties and taxes preparations are done with accuracy to avoid overcharges and unnecessary costs.

Customs Clearance

Endeavored to provide you with an outstanding experience, our expert brokers facilitate the entire process of customs clearance. This includes but not limited to the lodging of import and export entries, representing a client during Customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of goods or cargo from Customs after clearance along with documents.

Export Distribution

To help improve the value of your business, we determine the right mode of transport for your export distribution, manage other freight forwarding needs and process export-related documentation.

Import Credits

In order to attain a seamless and straightforward payment transaction in your shipping needs, we service in preparing and processing the necessary paperwork required under letters of credit.


Without compromising Customs regulations, we acknowledge the importance of providing personalized advice consistent with your particular needs. This is in addition to rendering other professional services relating to customs and tariff laws, its procedures and practices and duty calculations.


Our experienced Customs brokers can do the labour filing your entries while staying compliant with regulations. Classifying each item in your entry with accuracy, we proceed and keep you updated with the status and any additional paperwork required by other government agencies

Lodging and processing of import and export entries

We ensure that the details of your entry, either for an imported and/or exported goods, are finalized with accuracy making sure requirements are met before lodging and processing it for Customs entry clearance.

Storage and Distribution

We provide a solution to your storage and distribution needs designed to meet your particular requirements. This includes single consignments for long-term warehousing and warehouse distribution with an up-to-date inventory.

Tariff Classifications

Our expert brokers are well-versed in tariff and customs law which allows them to properly assess the correct tariff classification of your imported and/or exported goods.


Our expert brokers are well-versed in tariff and customs law which allows them to properly assess the correct tariff classification of your imported and/or exported goods.

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